Monday, October 29, 2012

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Natural for Hazel Eyes

Hi, everyone!

Today I have one of the Physician's Formula shimmer strips for hazel eyes. I picked this one up because I really liked the look of those pink shades. This palette is a combination of taupe, pink, and icy champagne colors, which make very natural combinations.

I am a huge fan of these eyeshadows for several reasons. Physician's Formula eyeshadows are very creamy and pigmented, and they come in a ton of different color schemes designed to bring out certain eye colors. As far as I know, every eye color has a natural, Pop!, eye candy, and smoky palette.

While these are too shimmery to be used together (i.e., a shimmery lid with a shimmery crease and a shimmery highlight), they make great accent shades for your everyday looks :) The third shade from the right is almost an exact dupe for Urban Decay's Suspect eyeshadow, by the way!

Have you tried any Physician's Formula eyeshadows?
xoxo Fanii


  1. I have the Natural one of this little palette and I gotta admit, I'm not impressed. The colors barely showed up on me :(

  2. Aw, I'm sorry! :( I will say the brown eyes palettes work awesome for me, but maybe you got a bad one? I haven't had problems with this one...