Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Drugstore Dupe for MAC's Toying Around lipstick from Playland!

Hey, guys!

So, I found something very interesting after I got home from my trip to MAC the other week. I had a feeling I had seen the color I bought (Toying Around) before in my collection, so I decided to pull out my coral pinks and swatch them next to each other. I found a near identical dupe, and I was glad/frustrated that the dupe is about a third of the price!

So on the right is MAC's Toying Around lipstick, which is new, limited edition, and sold out online. On the left is Milani's lipstick in Flamingo Pose. The two are nearly identical, the only difference being that the MAC color is a tiny bit darker.

So there you go! If you were looking for a dupe for this color, try the Milani lipstick! It retails for around $5 whereas the MAC lipstick retails for $16.

xoxo Fanii

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