Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pampered: LUSH Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Hey, guys!

Today's LUSH product is one of their new Bubbleroons. I love the concept of these! While I have never tried an actual macaron, I am convinced they are the most delicious things on this planet. I can just picture myself eating a Ladurée macaron in Louboutins and coming home to a Bubbleroon bath... I digress.
This particular Bubbleroon is Rose Jam. It's a soft pink bubble bar in the shape of a macaron, and it is significantly more creamy and moisturizing than ordinary bubble bars from LUSH.

Sock in corner not included ;)

Here's what LUSH had to say about it:

"The Bubbleroon is our newest style of Bubble Bar inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons. Rose Jam is based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year, and is made with our sophisticated new rose perfume. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak."

I honestly did not notice that the center of this was supposed to be coconut oil scented, because the rose scent is really dominating in this bubbleroon. I found this makes a TON of bubbles. I only needed half of the flatter piece to cover my entire bath, which means I could probably get around four more uses out of this.

LUSH products, while definitely not essential, make for great gifts to yourself and others :) Who doesn't love a little pampering?

What's your favorite LUSH product?
xoxo Fanii


  1. This is one of my favorite LUSH products! I would so recommend getting the other two scents of these. I always get two baths out of these because they seem to easily split in half.

    1. I'm definitely going to try the other two now! :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love Lush! It's always a treat to buy stuff from there, but I never want to use their bath bombs because they look too pretty!