Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette: Review, Swatches, and Looks!

Hey, everyone!

W're going two for two today with palettes! Today I'm reviewing Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone palette! I know, I know, where have I been for the past year, right? I always pass this up because I think I'll never get any use out of it, and the other day, with some help from my best friend, I caved and bought it. Trust me, you will not mourn the $5 you spend on this.

For the sake of organization, the shadows on the left will be referred to as Browbone 1, Eyelid 1, etc... and the ones on the left will be Browbone 2, Eyelid 2, etc... I think I'll work my way left to right :) What's so cool about this palette is that it has some warmer eyeshadows, some greens, and two really cool eyeshadows that really give the palette versatility.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Browbone 1: is a light yellow champagne. This is probably the least pigmented of the bunch, and it comes off as a sheer wash of shimmer.  it's still good for highlighting the eye, but I don't expect it'll be too great as a lid shade.

Browbone 2: is actually not much of a browbone color... It's more of a silvery taupe shade that looks very pretty on the lids! It's smooth, blendable, and pigmented. It's too light to be a dupe for anything I can think of, but it's still a very useful shade!

Eyelid 1: is a shade that is right in between MAC's All That Glitters and Expensive Pink eyeshadows. It's a frosted pink champagne, and it's got a bit of a copper shine to it.

Eyelid 2: is an olive-y green shade with some gold shimmer. It's got decent pigmentation, but nothing too stellar. It's been very good for me to branch out and try out new colors! Aside from the pigmentation issues, the formula of this is lovely: smooth, creamy, blendable.

Crease 1: is a bronzed shade that is very warm and has gold shimmer throughout. Very smooth and very pigmented! This shade is perfect for summer!

Crease 2: is probably the driest and more faded shade of the bunch. It lacked pigmentation and was hard to even swatch. It looks faded and very little like the color you see in the pan. Definitely not a fan of this one...

Definer 1: is actually a bit like Muse from UD's Vice palette. It's a deep, deep warm brown with coppery shimmer in it. It's very dark and smooth to swatch, but be prepared for this to look darker than what you see in the pan.

Definer 2: is the shining gem of this palette. This is an exact dupe for shades like MAC's Club eyeshadow and Blue Brown pigment, and I mean EXACT. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between those two shades even if your life depended on it. Plus, I find the formulation of this shade to be much much better than MAC's Club.

I created two looks with this palette, the first being this really cool green and brown smokey eye using Eyelid 2, Definer 1, and Definer 2. I placed the green all over my lid and blended it with Definer 2, which I also placed on the outer corner and on the crease. Then, to darken up the outer corner, I added in Definer 1. I lined my entire bottom lashline with Eyelid 2, the outer half with Definer 2, and the very outer corner with Definer 1.

For the second look, I placed Eyelid 1 on the inner third of my lid, Browbone two on the center and outer third of my lid, and Crease 1, well, on the crease. I highlighted with Browbone 1 and ran Crease 1 on the lower part of my lashes.

What do you guys think of this palette? Do you own it? Is it on your wishlist?

xoxo Fanii

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