Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection! Reviews and Swatches!

Hey guys!

Today I am taking on the monumental task of swatching my entire MAC lipstick collection. This is not an easy task for my lips, so it’s taken me quite a long time to swatch every single lipstick, photograph it, and organize it into this master post. I really hope this helps you guys with picking your next lipstick!

I will be separating these by finishes with the exception of Viva Glam lipsticks, which will be in their own category.


Angel (P)
A lovely baby pink with very light shimmer. This is my go to for a natural lip color or a nude color if I pair it with a light gloss.

Plastique (P)
This is a very shimmery bronze color that has a slight plum shift in direct light. It’s definitely weird, but can look very pretty.

Sophisto (P)
This is a very classic berry color with slight gold shimmer. It’s quite sheer, so it is perfect for the workplace or for mature women.


Fanfare (P)
This was my first ever MAC lipstick. I bought it to wear to work, and it is perfect for that. It’s a mauve pink with a creamy finish. looks fantastic on just about anyone.

Coral Bliss (P)
This is a lovely semi-sheer light coral color. Applies evenly and is lightly moisturizing.

Flamingo (LE)
This is very similar to Coral Bliss, but a little pinker. It’s wonderful for every day wear, and lovely for the summer.

Hang-Up (P)
This is one of my favorite vampy lipsticks. It can be applied sheerly for a stained look or opaquely for a deep, burgundy red lip. I absolutely love it!


Candy Yum-Yum (P)
One of the brightest colors I own! This is a matte, vibrant hot pink with heavy blue undertones. It’s very matte and comfortable to wear. This color (and some other mattes) heavily stain my lips.

Ruby Woo (P)
MAC’s classic red! Very matte and very blue, so it looks amazing on just about anyone. It is very dry, but the results are totally worth it to me! This color does not stain my lips.

Relentlessly Red (P)
This is a lovely coral hot pink. It’s a Retro Matte, technically, and I’ve noticed this revamped formula is more comfortable to wear than the other mattes. This stains my lips.

All Fired Up (P)
This is very similar to Relentlessly Red, only with heavier blue undertones. It’s  a great color for spring and summer! This color stains my lips.

Honeylove (P)

I am obsessed with this shade. Seriously obsessed. I got it from Back2MAC just a few days ago on a whim, and I absolutely love it. It’s a smooth, creamy matte beige with some hints of peach in it, which makes it the perfect nude or every-day color for me. I love it! On clients, I like to pair it with Hip ‘n Happy lip pencil and Angel lipglass! (looks amazing on fair-skinned gals) 

Scarlet Ibis (LE)
This was first released with the Iris Apfel collection a few years ago, and I bought it when it was re-released with the Marilyn Monroe collection the year after. It is a bright, matte red orange. It does stain my lips, but it is so gorgeous and totally on trend for summer.

Viva Glam

Viva Glam I (P)
This is a universally flattering matte brick red. It does not stain my lips, and applies smoothly.

Viva Glam V (P)
This is the most underrated VG lipstick in the entire range. It’s a brownish pink with gold shimmer. It applies kind of sheerly, and compliments soooo many different skintones.

Viva Glam Nicki (LE)
This was released a couple of years ago, and is a bright almost neon coral pink. I love it for summer. It applies very smoothly and lightly stains my lips.

Viva Glam Nicki2 (LE)
This is one of the crazier colors I own. It is a milky, pale lavender color with a creamy texture and finish. I love this for gradient lip looks and as a shade to mix in with other colors!

Viva Glam Rihanna (LE)
This is a gorgeous blue red with some shimmer in it. It's not overly frosty, but definitely has a sheen to it. It's super glam in my opinion!


Morange (P)
This shade needs no introduction. It's a bright orange cream that is fully opaque, comfortable to wear, and does NOT stain my lips! I love it and it is totally on trend for this summer!

Impassioned (P)
I have a love/hate relationship with this color. I love it when it's on, but it always, always, ALWAYS stains my lips very heavily. So, I end up wearing the color longer than I want to. Other than that, it is creamy and opaque. The Amplified Creme formula is one of my favorites!

Vegas Volt (P)
 This is another shade I love/hate. Sometimes it looks so chic on me and I'll wear it everywhere, but other days it looks so tacky that I can't stand it. I don't know what it is (I'm crazy). It has the same awesome qualities of the Amplified Cremes.

Toying Around (LE)
This one is from MAC's Playland Collection, and it is a bright, coral pink. I have a ton of these colors, but I'm just so drawn to them. I can't help it! It's opaque in a couple of swipes and super comfortable to wear!


Rebel (P)
Another lipstick with a notorious reputation. Whenever someone at the counter asks for a vampy lip, I suggest this one because it's so versatile. You can wear it sheerly as a stain, heavy as a vampy lip, and it transitions from fall/winter to spring/summer seamlessly.

MAC Red (P)
A very underrated lipstick, I think. It has great color payoff, is SUPER comfortable, and leaves a really nice finish on the lips. It's a blue based red, might look pink on girls with fair and cool skin.

Film Noir (P)
Ok. This is a shade you either love or hate. I love it. It's a dark, neutral brown that applies opaquely and is comfortable to wear. To each their own!


Hue (P)
I don't wear this shade often. I Back to MAC-ed for it a year ago because I wanted a nice nude, and I gotta say I don't love it. It's sheer and applies a little unevenly, but it seems to look wonderful on anyone but me. I say go try it, you might love it!

Mineralize Rich

All Out Gorgeous (DC)
This is one of my favorite red lip colors ever. It's semi-sheer and a very deep, blue red. It's got strong berry tones in it, and looks amazing. It is very moisturizing and creamy.

Be Fabulous (P)
 This is one of the shades that recently released with the Mineralize Rich collection, and is a light, semi-sheer baby blue pink. It looks so menacing in the tube, but once you put it on it is an entirely different shade. I love this color!

So there you go, guys! My lips are now permanently chafed from swatching all of these in one day! (Don't ask me, I don't know what I was thinking, either). I hope you find this useful and it helps you pick out your next shade! :)

xoxo Fanii

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  1. ty,,,they all lok great on you..i am tempted to try Rebel..it seems to lok diff on many women..it is bold hhaha..but i may order it..or try a cheaper dupe to see, if i will rock it ok..i love your real life swatches..great blog..awesome..ty.