Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lip Swatches :) Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms in Mischievous and Shameless

Hey, guys!

Today I wanted to show you two of the new(ish) Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms. I have Shameless, which is a deep matte purple and Mischievous, a light, orange creamsicle color. For the most part, both of these are pigmented and smooth to apply; they have a peppermint scent and are lightly moisturizing.

 Shameless is a gorgeous color. It's a matte deep purple, not quite as purple as Heroine from MAC (this is a bit darker, I think), and it stays on for quite a while. The only problem with this shade is that it is quite hard to get an even application out of it. It's very silky to apply, so it tends to gather and slide over the lips, which gives a patchy and uneven application.

 You can see that there are parts of my lips that look darker than others, because the product slides over itself.

Mischievous is a shade I love to hate. It's a light orange cream with a matte finish. This is the kind of color that I wanted from shades like MAC's Vegas Volt and Costa Chic (neither of which were exactly what I wanted), but it is just such a PAIN. Not only does it apply unevenly, it seems hellbent on pointing out every single imperfection in your lips. No matter if you've just exfoliated them, this will make your lips look patchy, dry, flaky, the works.

So here it is. Mind you, I exfoliated my lips and moisturized before applying the matte balm for this swatch. There's just no winning with this shade, which is a real shame. It's such a pretty color that would look amazing if it just applied the way it's supposed to.

My verdict? Shameless is worth the purchase, because a lipliner will help a lot with the patchy application. Mischievous is a total waste of your money. You're better off mixing your own color or paying extra for a formula that won't highlight every imperfection.

Have you tried any of these?
xoxo Fanii

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