Friday, December 21, 2012

Pampered: LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb

Hi, guys!

Today's LUSH product is the Butterball Bath Bomb. This product is my idea of comfort food!

"Our vanilla-scented Bath Bomb is anything but boring when you lay back into a cozy white blanket of creamy buttery froth. This little fizzer is the ultimate in comfort with chunks of creamy cocoa butter; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. Baths can dry your skin if they’re too hot, so if you’re in need of a long, lingering bath pop one of these gorgeous beauties into the tub for a vanilla custard soak to lull you into a deep relaxed state – and leave with sweeter, softer skin."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek Palette: Review and Swatches!

Hi, everyone!

So.... Finals are done with, which means I have my freedom back! :) On my first day back home I stopped by Sephora to check out Urban Decay's new palettes, and ended up buying something completely different. As you may already know, Tarina Tarantino will no longer be sold at Sephora; I do think they are planning to open free-standing stores sometime in the near future, but for now all of their stuff is on sale at Sephora!
This palette normally retails for around $45 and I snagged it up for $27. This takes each of the blushes down to around $7 each, which was irresistible!

This is the outer sleeve/box the palette came in :)