Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pampered: LUSH Karma Bubble Bar

Hi, everyone!

Today's LUSH product is the Karma Bubble Bar! Here's what LUSH had to say about it:

"Good Karma is difficult to come by these days, so that’s why we created a bubble bar with our signature pine and patchouli fragrance in a potent swirl of time-warping bubbles so you can bathe in Karma too. Our customers begged us for a bubble bar with the same orange and multi-layered spice fragrance as our perfume. Now you can transport your senses to a middle-eastern spice market from the comforting confines of your tub. Since Karma is a fragrance that keeps on giving, it was the least we could do for our loyal fans."

If you've never used a bubble bar before, they're a super simple way to add bubbles to your bath. You can use them on their own or combine them with bath bombs for unique bath scents! I usually break bubble bars into sections to make them last longer, and crumble them under running water. 

Although this looks like a small product, it packs a ton of bubbles! I broke this up into four chunks, and each of them made enough bubbles for a nice, long bath. This does have a bit of glitter in it, but once you crumble it in the bath, it's virtually impossible to see. 

What's your favorite bubble bar?
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