Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils: Swatches and Review!

Today's product is a very well-known cult favorite!

NYX is famous for producing relatively good-quality makeup at drugstore prices, and one of their most talked-about products is the Jumbo Eye Pencil. Most people use these as bases for other eyeshadows, and they have a reputation for creasing.

Even though these pencils do have a bad reputation in the creasing department, I was still interested in trying them out, and I figured the creasing might be avoided if I used a primer underneath them!

Rocky Mountain Green is a deeper green with just a hint of yellow to it. It's almost a forest green, but it does tend to show up brighter on my skin. It has a subtle blueish green shimmer to it.

Strawberry Milk is a pale blue pink with silver shimmer in it. It is one of the least wearable shades in this line, since it is only likely to flatter lighter skin tones. I found it hard to see the pink once I applied the shadow, seeing as the silver shimmer really takes over and ends up giving a metallic pastel pink finish.

Peacock is one of my favorite shades out of the four. It is an electric blue base with green shimmer in it, which results in a really unique duochrome. It's not really a teal or blue color, which is usually what you get when companies name something "Peacock."

My favorite out of these four is definitely Sparkle Nude. It's a gorgeous shade of light bronze with some glitter in it. I think this makes a great all-over lid color, and looks absolutely amazing when used in a darker look.

As for creasing, this is a product you need to be very careful with. It's very thick and oily, so layering it will result in very obvious creasing, even with a good primer underneath. My advice is to do really thin layers of the shadow and blend it in with your finger, and you should be fine!

Are you a fan of the Jumbo Eye Pencils?
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