Friday, June 22, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Iris Plume/Moon Opal Eye Dream Highlight Duo: Review and Swatches!

Hi, everyone!

So it's been a while since I've posted here, but I am back, and I have some exciting posts lined up :)
First up is a product I first heard about on Temptalia. I was immediately impressed once I walked into Sephora and swatched the duo for myself, and I only recently gave in.

Tarina Tarantino is a brand that I don't hear about too often, which surprises me considering what great quality it puts out! The product I got is the Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Moon Opal/Iris Plume, which has a gorgeous taupe-lilac shade and a purple tinged champagne highlight shade.

This duo is incredibly soft and smooth, and extremely pigmented. The purple tones in it compliment brown eyes best, but it also looks amazing on blue eyes. The shadows are very large, in my opinion, and this duo contains more product than the average eyeshadow (but more on that later!).

Left: Iris Plume. Right: Moon Opal.
These eyeshadows apply like a dream! The slightest tap will pick up more than enough product, and the color is as true to pan as it gets. Although the two shades are predominantly cool, I had no problem using Moon Opal with warmer colors. Moon Opal does seem to be more versatile than Iris Plume, seeing as it is very nearly neutral in undertones and is one of those shadows that can go from an all-over lid color to a highlight color in a flash!

Left: Iris Plume. Right: Moon Opal
One last thing I think is worth mentioning is the amazing price on this duo. It retails for $19 and while that may not seem very affordable at first, it is when you take into consideration how much product you're getting.

MAC eyeshadows are $15.00 for 1.5g of product, and some of their shades can turn out to be total flops. This duo retails for $19 and has TWO eyeshadows that are 3.6g each. Long story short, MAC's eyeshadows are around $10 per gram, whereas the Tarina Tarantino duo is $2.64 per gram of a product that is almost sure to be way better than a MAC eyeshadow.

Have you tried any Tarina Tarantino?
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