Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Limited Edition Color Tattoos: Seashore Frosts, Blue Paradise, and Precious Pearl: Swatches and Review!

Hey, guys!

Today's blog post is all about the new Maybelline Color Tattoos for summer! These have been the most coveted products from their summer line, and I have three to show you! :)

Clockwise: Blue Paradise, Precious Pearl, Seashore Frosts

The first one up is Blue Paradise. This is like a cousin to MAC's Stars 'N Rockets, which is a purple with blue duochrome. Blue Paradise is a blue with purple duochrome :) It's smooth and pigmented, and it makes a great base for blue and purple eyeshadow! (it also looks great with greens and pinks!)

Precious Pearl is a really interesting color. It looks completely pearly here, but it actually has a bit of pink duochrome to it! I think it's especially pretty and I loooove pairing it with my Inglot shadow in 46 Shine (post coming soon!). Be warned, it is a more sheer base, so don't expect it to be opaque on the first try!

Ah. Now for this baby. I'm sure if you even dip your toes into the beauty blogging world you will have seen bloggers running around in a panic trying to find this shade. This little gem is Seashore Frosts, which is a blue cream shadow with tannish gold and purplish duochrome to it. What makes this sooo unique is that it never looks one color. It  might look tannish straight on, but from the side it might look blue. This is a very cool (tone-wise) take on summer shades!

Yeah, yeah, we're here for swatches. Here ya go!

What do you think? Have you picked any of these up?
xoxo Estefania


  1. I haven't found Blue Paradise, but I found the last two Seashore Frosts in Rite Aid! They were hiding with the ones from the regular line, so I took the last two and I''m gad I did! It's such a beautiful color!


    1. *I'm glad. Sorry, I hate typos :/