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My Beauty Wishlist March 2013

Hey, everyone!

So, I'm sure if you're reading this blog you're either related to me in some way or you have the same addictive relationship to makeup that I do. There is never a time when I'm not eyeing a new product or a cult favorite that I'd like to try out, so I figured instead of drooling over my laptop every week, I'd share my monthly wants with you all!

I think I'll be sensible and limit this to fifteen things that I am currently obsessing over, or we'd be here all day. Let's get started!

P.S. None of these pictures are mine. This is a wishlist, which means I don't own these products, and therefore do not own the pictures of them. Credit for the pictures has been given in each caption and contains a link to the owner's blog/site. :)

1. Urban Decay Glinda Palette

I wasn't planning on falling in love with this palette. Really, I wasn't. I think the closer I got to seeing the movie, the more I sided with Glinda and preferred her palette. I'm naturally attracted to neutrals and red lips, so I thought Theodora's palette would suit me better, but once I saw the movie and the inspiration for Glinda's  palette, I was sold. I haven't been able to justify the $50 price tag, however, so my relationship with this palette is exclusively online.

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2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Vault

So, if I couldn't justify the $50 for the Glinda palette, there's no way I'd ever justify this one to myself. Urban Decay is gearing up to release a collection of 40 eyeliners (some permanent, some new, some repromoted) sometime this spring, along with a price tag of $295. I'll let that sink in for a bit. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS for an eyeliner collection. What is wrong with me? What's even worse, my mind has the audacity to say to me, "Hey, at least you'll get free shipping!"

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3. MAC Baking Beauties Collection for Spring 2013

Springtime is rolling around and MAC is right on its trail, leaving behind gorgeously designed beauty powders and delightful spring lipsticks. This year, I've got my eye on Lavender Whip lipstick and that fantastic Pink Buttercream pearlmatte powder. MAC is also releasing a few new paint pots with this collection, which I probably will at least try out. I've got a chink in my armor for LE paint pots...

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4. TooFaced The Return Of Sexy palette

Yet another $50 imaginary blow to my budget. I don't know what it is about this palette, but the fact that it only contains shimmery/metallic shades makes it totally tempting. I'm also addicted to deep burgundy/purple shades, which makes this palette like powder Kryptonite.

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5. Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown recently launched their Spring 2013 collection, which was packed with lavender and pink shades. I've always been curious about Shimmer Bricks, but golden/bronze tones don't really appeal to me all that much. This one, however is perfectly feminine and much more eyeshadow friendly for my makeup tastes!

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6. MAC Quad or Small ZPalette

I recently received a PRO ZPalette for my birthday, and it's made me reconsider my travel makeup style. I've wanted to get a couple of MAC quads for a long time, but I always seem to find a better place to spend the money. Either one of these would be perfect for a weekend trip or for my everyday makeup bag.

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7. MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

I was really excited to hear about the launch of this foundation, seeing as I have relatively dry skin and MAC foundations don't cater much to that skintype where foundations are concerned. From what I've heard, this foundation has both decent coverage and that dewy finish that I love. I have yet to try it, but I'd be really interested in testing it!

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8. Sigma Make Me Blush Brush Set or Mrs. Bunny Brush Set

I've always been a little stingy when it comes to my makeup brushes, especially when there are such great quality brushes available at a more reasonable price (RealTechniques, anyone?). I've just never seen the point in spending $45 on a foundation brush when I could get one just as good for a fifth of the price. Sigma seems to be the perfect middle ground between drugstore brushes and high end brushes, and they are cute to boot.

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9. Sleek Acid Palette

This is one of those products that I know won't get everyday use from me, but has really fun colors that would make me very happy! It's got twelve neon colors that are super pigmented and are just amazingly intriguing to me. I love wearing super bright colors (think Magenta Madness pigment from MAC) all over the lid with some winged liner, and this palette has colors that I've not seen from other brands.

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10. Illamasqua 

That's it. I am so fascinated by the Illamasqua brand that I can't decide what I want to try first! I really want to try their nail polishes or their blushes, especially their Pink Raindrops nail lacquer- so me!

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11. Inglot eyeshadows

Inglot is famous for their Freedom System that allows you to customize your eyeshadow, blush, and face palettes. They're fairly affordable and are famous for their soft, dense texture. 

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12. Benefit Fine One One

Damn you, Benefit and your adorable packaging/marketing! This product is a three in one blush and highlighter with a rosy blush, a peachy coral blush, and a champagne highlighter all packed into one creamy twist up type of bar. You just swipe this across your cheeks and blend!

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I could go on. And on and on. I'll leave it there for now, but that is just a small taste of what my wishlisht for recent makeup releases looks like! :)

What's on your beauty wishlist?
xoxo Fanii 

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