Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MAC How: Pro Sculpting Creams

Hey, guys! 

I'm slowly but surely working through the blog posts for the stuff I picked up during my birthday weekend, and this is one of them! I had stopped by MAC to turn in some empties and get my free lipstick, and saw the new Studio Sculpt Collection. It mainly includes the promotion of Studio Sculpt Foundation (the first foundation I ever tried from MAC), the re-release of the Pro Sculpting Creams, and the all new Studio Sculpt Mascara.

I picked up the shade Coffee Walnut, which was the cooler of the shades available. Although I have decisively warm undertones, I picked the cool shade because I was after that ashy, muddy tone to the color. I know that sounds weird and like the exact OPPOSITE of what you want, but this cooler shade gives a much more believable contour because it creates shadows, not bronzed skin.

Which brings us to the lesson of the day. These Pro Sculpting Creams are NOT bronzers. They are NOT meant to be bronzers. They are contouring products, which means they are designed to create shadows and recede sections of your face. Contouring is a miracle worker if you are underwhelmed with your cheekbones or just want a more sculpted look to your face.

So, here is the swatch of Coffee Walnut. It's a really amazing product, and I've been using it more than I originally thought I would!

If you would like to see a video on how to use these sculpting creams, just let me know!


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