Saturday, April 14, 2012

Product Review: Stila Waterproof Sparkle Eye Liner in Sequins

Hey everyone!

So a couple of posts ago I did a review of the Stila Sparkle Liquid Eye Liner in "Electric," so I thought I'd show you the other shade I own, "Sequins"!

I love this eye liner for a night out, because it adds more interest and drama to any look, and it is sure to last all night!
The color itself ends up looking more like a darkened graphite than a true black, but I think that's due to the shine that the glitter adds. The base of the eye liner itself is black, but the glitter reflects it more on the gray side.

Alright. So "Electric" had the drawback of staining the skin, right? Well, "Sequins" has the drawback of the way in which it washes off. It comes off cleanly enough, but it does not dissolve; it comes off in strips, as if it were peeling off the skin. It doesn't tug or irritate the skin, which makes the removal a lot less problematic!

As the others, "Sequins" comes with a felt tip applicator, which I love!!

What do you think of this?
xoxo Fanii


  1. I personally love these! Electric is the one I prefer though.

    1. They're amazing! :) Thanks for reading!