Thursday, June 19, 2014

Five Ways to Wear MAC's Riot House Lipstick!

Hey, guys!

Long time no see! For this post, I've got something a little different. I know the MAC Osbournes collection came out recently, and if you were lucky enough to snag what you wanted, congratulations! I got the Riot House lipstick because it was just the most adorable color ever, but then I realized that it is not necessarily the most wearable color for anyone above an NW20. SOOOOO..... Naturally I had to find some ways to make it more wearable! I found five different ways (with a mix of high end, limited edition, and drugstore) to wear Riot House without looking dead!

Ah! scary color! nooooooooooo

The first option is a drugstore one, which is applying the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in "Elusive" under Riot House. The end result is a much deeper, pinker color that is a lot more forgiving. The base of the matte balm also helps prevent the lipstick from highlighting every imperfection in your lips!

Elusive Matte Balm on its own

Riot House over Elusive Matte Balm
This next option is for those of you that were lucky enough to get more than one thing from the Osbournes collection! Sharon's lip pencil in Cranberry also makes a great base for Riot House!

Let us ignore the blurry picture because spaz moments happen
 So here is the Cranberry lip pencil (messily) applied. It's a muted, matte raspberry color.

Tada! A wearable, coral pink perfect for people with darker skin :)

This is another risky option. If you were able to snag Live It Up lipglass from the Playland collection, then you'll love this. 

The orange lip gloss takes away some of that ashy cast that Riot House tends to have on darker lips, and it also helps GLOSS over dry patches (ha ha...)

Riot House lipstick and Live It Up lipglass
Here's another drugstore one. Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Pink.

The end result is a very wearable pastel lavender color that has a distinct warm undertone. Great if you want to experiment with purples and aren't quite sure where to start!

This next one is sort of kind of high end, but at least it's permanent! I combined Riot House with Lasting Sensation lip pencil for a really cool, light neon coral look.

This is lasting sensation lip pencil on its own.

Idk what happened on this application (maybe I got scared or blind or something), but focus on the color :) It's a very nice, wearable coral lip that is perfect for summer!

 So there you have it! How do you like to wear Riot House?
xoxo Fani

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