Thursday, July 10, 2014

LORAC PRO Palette 2: Swatches and Review


This review might influence future makeup purchases.

It's official. I'm in love. I wanted to meet him in person before I said anything (our relationship had mostly taken place online), but the moment I saw him, I knew.

Here's my love, the new LORAC PRO Palette 2.

Now, I know you're all familiar with the original LORAC Pro Palette, but I was never a fan of it. It just seemed repetitive and unoriginal to me (don't kill me!) This one, however, caught my attention right away. I did the same thing with the Naked palettes. The warm, bronzy eyeshadows have never really appealed too much to me. I'm a taupe girl.

 Which is good, since this palette leans more heavily on the cool side of the color spectrum. It does have some remarkably warm shades like Lt. Brown, Nectar, Rosé, Mocha, and Cocoa, but it also has some stunning pewter shades.

Instead of describing each shade, which I think is a little dull, I'm going to list my favorites in each picture. In the one above, my faves are definitely Cool Gray, Nectar, and Rosé. Those shades together just look beautiful, like a modern, cooler take on the rose gold trend. All the other shades are still gorgeous, but those are the ones that I was just smitten with.

Out of this middle bunch, the standout shades are really Plum and Chrome. I absolutely ADORE plum shades in the crease, and Chrome is just a gorgeous, plummy taupe. LOVE

Ah, the final six. Out of these I definitely love Navy, Charcoal, Jade, and Black. They're just such versatile shades! First of all, Navy has the entire beauty community on its butt. It's such a pigmented, smooth matte blue that  it will change the way you do smoky eyes. Charcoal is great for matte eye lovers, Jade is an absolutely gorgeous army green with great pigmentation, and the black is just dark enough. It's nowhere near as black as, say, Urban Decay's Blackout, but it doesn't have to be.

What do you guys think? Will you be snagging this up?
xoxo Fanii

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  1. This should be delivered to my house tomorrow ;)