Thursday, January 9, 2014

Laura Mercier Artist Palette Tutorial: African Violet :)

Hey guys!

Here is that pictorial I promised, using my favorite shade in the Laura Mercier Artist Palette: African Violet. So just sick back, scroll down, and enjoy!

I first applied NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to the lid, being careful not to blend it too much into the crease.

Then I blended it with my ring finger. When you do this, try not to rub all of it off, but rather pat and drag it across your lid.

I then took a flat, stiff brush and loaded it with African Violet from the Laura Mercier Artist Palette. I patted this all over the lid and smoothed it into the crease a bit.


I then took a fluffier brush and packed it with Plum Smoke from that same palette and used it to blend out the edges of the lid color.

 On the same fluffy brush, I took Violet Ink and used it to define and smoke out the outer v.

You'll end up with a splotchy patch of deep purple, but what you want is to leave that outer v packed with color.

Then, take a fluffy brush and blend the darker color into the rest of your eyeshadow. I used a bit of the Kir Royal color in the palette to really make it blend nicely.

Then I took a flatter, smaller brush and ran Kir Royal on my lower lashline.

That's most of the eyeshadow done!

I highlighted my browbone with Vanilla Nuts, and used it to blend the top edge of the crease color.

Finally, I highlighted the inner corner with Sparlking Dew :)

Winged liner time! (let me know if a tutorial on this alone would be helpful!)

From here, you could apply black mascara and call it a day! (when have I ever just called it a day with makeup?)

Whoo!!!! I'm taking BUTTER London's Colour Wink Mascara in Indigo Ink and applying thick coats to my lashes :)

This is obviously a crazier look, and totally optional :)

I love how this looks! It might not be for everyone, but I absolutely love this mascara!

What do you guys think? Will you wear this with black or purple mascara? :)
xoxo Fanii

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