Saturday, January 4, 2014

Laura Mercier Artist Palette: Swatches and Review!

Hey guys!

Another item I bought from Sephora earlier this year was the Laura Mercier Artist Palette. This is the second palette like this that Laura Mercier has put out. I don't have the first one, but I understand it was a lot heavier on the navies and browns than this one is.

I'd never tried Laura Mercier eyeshadows, but if their permanent range is anything like this palette, it is BOMB. I've never tried mattes as smooth as these! The palette itself is heavy on the plums on the top row, while the bottom row is made up of dusty pinks and neutral browns. A lot of the shades in the first half are sheer, which makes them perfect everyday neutrals!

Sparkling Dew is a light, shimmery beige. It leans very very very slightly pink, and it is quite sheer on application. It's smooth and blendable.

Guava is a light, satin finish pink peach shade. It is also sheer, but benefits from a white base.

Vanilla Nuts is a matte beige. Not much to say about this shade, other than it's smooth and semi sheer. It makes a great browbone highlight.

Primrose is a lovely pink shimmer that looks very sweet and delicate on the lid, and I love it for everyday wear.

African Violet is my JAM. It's a gorgeous purple shade with gold shimmer. It's very, very smooth and pigmented, and it blends like a dream. Think MAC's Trax, but much more creamy and pigmented.

Plum Smoke is one of the shades that is really special to me. This and Fresco will blend the harshest, boldest shades into oblivion. They are those in-between, best friend transition shades that will save your life! Plum Smoke is a muted matte lavender.

Fresco  is a very interesting shade. It's a matte light brown, but it leans pink/peach slightly. It ends up being like a burnt matte peach color that blends very nicely.

Bamboo is one of the shades that doesn't get much love from me. Those kinds of taupey, neutral shimmers aren't exactly my favorite, so I dont reach for them often. It is, however, very buttery and pigmented.

Kir Royal is a matte, vibrant grape purple. These mattes are the shining gems of the palette. They are so so soft and pigmented that you'd think they were shimmers.

Violet Ink is a matte, deep, eggplant purple. It has the same buttery texture as the rest of the mattes.

Truffle is a matte deep red brown. It is like the darker, richer cousin to MAC's Soft Brown. It is a great crease shade or a transition shade for deeper smoky eyes.

Espresso Bean is a deep, deep, deep, deep matte brown with the slightest warm undertones. It's just as buttery and pigmented as the rest of the mattes.

Here are the swatches! I hope I'll be coming up with some looks for you soon, given that this palette has been my life ever since I got it a month ago!

Laura Mercier Artist Palette 2013

Left to Right: Sparkling Dew, Guava, African Violet, Plum Smoke, Kir Royal, Violet Ink

Left to Right: Vanilla Nuts, Primrose, Fresco, Bamboo, Truffle, Espresso Bean
What do you guys think? Did you get your hands on this? How do you like it?
xoxo Fanii


  1. Wow...I really didn't think I would want this, but reading your review has put this on my to get list! Especially for Fresco and Plum Smoke---I don't have dupes for those!

    1. Haha it really is a great palette, but I think it was limited edition :(

    2. Both of those shades are available separately as part of the (from what I can tell) permanent line. Sephora has Plum Smoke, and the LM website has Fresco and Plum Smoke. Several others here are permanent shades, as well.

    3. Thanks so much for that! I'm not at all familiar with the LM line, so the insight is appreciated! :)

  2. This palette was one of my top 3 makeup purchases of 2013. I had been looking for some good purple shadows, but all of the palettes I had found were too obvious or garish. I love the unique and interesting shades in this one. It's a great mix of purple-themed hues and very versatile neutrals. Another thing I like is that my favorite shades from this palette are available separately as part of the regular collection. African Violet especially is great for a lazy, one-color eye because it has great dimension and it's gorgeous.