Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette: Swatches and Review!

Hey, guys!

Today I'm reviewing a palette that I've had for quite a while, and it's one I'm excited about! (Estefania, when are you NOT excited about a product? When?)

This is the Too Faced Naked Eye palette, and it comes with a ton of awesome, sheer colors that we'll get into quite a bit. It retails for $36 and can be found anywhere Too Faced makeup is sold!

I don't know if you can see it that well, but there is a tiny black square at the bottom of the previous picture and at the top of the picture below, and that is a little fabric tassel that you can pull on to open the palette! The box is made out of cardboard and has a magnetic closure right under that tab. I think this is adorable packaging and it definitely played a part in sucking me in!

This palette contains 9 eyeshadows, three of them being about twice the size of the others. I LOVE this concept, because Too Faced is giving you more of the eyeshadows that you'll likely use the most: highlights and lid colors. This is great considering I've already hit pan on Foxy and Bootycall in my NAKED2 palette, and not on any other shades. I'm just saying. It makes sense.

In the Buff is a light yellow cream with a matte finish. It glides on smoothly and I don't find it to be chalky, but deeper skintones might find it difficult to work with.
Pillow Talk is a light taupe grey with a little bit of shimmer in it. This is a sheer shade that really works best with something warmer in the crease, seeing as it pulls very cool.
Like a Virgin is one of my favorites. It's a purple toned matte taupe that works fantastically as a crease color. This is smooth, pigmented, and majestic.
Birthday Suit is a warm beige with some shimmer that barely shows up on my skin, but I'm guessing works a whole lot better on light skintones!
Satin Sheets is basically the reason I was attracted to this palette. It's a gorgeous pink with gold duochrome in it. It's such a pretty, soft shade it made me fall in love.
Unmentionables is a grey shade with some silver glitter in it.
Pink Cheeks is a pink, matte cream color that I don't get a lot of use out of... It's a lot better suited for people with pinkish undertones.
Lap Dance is a purple toned taupe with shimmer in it, and it comes off almost metallic. This is one of the smoothest shades in the palette, and it is sooo pretty.
Stiletto is a basic, matte black. This is smooth and not the most pigmented of shades, but that means that it works great in the crease without looking too harsh. 

Left to right: In the Buff, Pillow Talk, Like a Virgin, Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, Unmentionables, Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance, Stiletto
Whew! So that is the Too Faced Naked Eye palette. I've been loving this recently, and it's becoming a regular in my everyday makeup routine!

What's your favorite "naked" product?
xoxo Estefania

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