Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shade(s) Of The Day: Stila Tie Dye Eyeshadow in Tie Dye

Hi, guys!

Today's eyeshadow has a name about as original as John Smith (Dooo wee oooo!!!). It's another one of Stila's Tie Dye eyeshadow in the shade.... Tie Dye. Seriously. Stila, you didn't even try ;)

Tie Dye has a very gorgeous combination of pinks, purples, and blues that make for the cutest pattern!

I think this one's my favorite! The pattern in this pan is soooo pretty I can't stand it! The shades in this one are slightly more pigmented than the ones in "Finale," which is perfect! That means this will show up on a wide variety of skin tones.

I think I'm in love with these. They are perfect for summer, and they give such a unique look on the eyes that it's nearly impossible to recreate the colors!

I think there's a problem with me. I have this terrible fear of messing up the pattern on this eyeshadow! Does that ever happen to you guys? No? Just me? Ok.

What do you guys think of these? Sold? I know I was :)
xoxo Estefania

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