Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Product Review: LORAC Matte Satin Eyeshadows

Hi, everyone!

Today I'm reviewing a couple of LORAC's Matte Satin Eyeshadows. They are some of the most unique eyeshadows I've seen in a while not because of the colors, but because of their finish.

As the name suggests, these eyeshadows have a bit of a paradoxical finish. They are a matte-satin finish, which to me sounded completely ridiculous when I first heard it. Isn't the whole point of a matte eyeshadow to avoid sheen?

Above is "Drama," a deep, true silver. Below is "Insider," which is one of the most unique blues I own. It leans slightly towards navy, but has enough royal blue to make it interesting.
The only thing I'd have to mention about these is that "Insider" does stain the skin quite thoroughly after use. I've had no trouble with removal on my eyes, but it was quite the challenge to get this shade off my finger and arm after I'd swatched it.

On to the interesting part: the finish. Believe it or not, the name is true to the finish. It is most apparent in the first picture, where the eyeshadow is clearly matte, but still manages to bring in a little shine. I absolutely love these eyeshadows, because they give the most unique effect to any look, and because they are RIDICULOUSLY pigmented.
I hardly had to try to get product onto my finger. For these swatches, all I did was lightly run my finger over the pan. If I'd really packed it on, I would've never been able to get it off my arm!

Have you tried these eyeshadows?
xoxo Fanii


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