Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Matte Suede

When life gives you colors, make them matte.

I'll admit that recently, my addiction to nail polish has escalated to frightening heights. Fortunately, that just means I have more NOTD posts coming this way!! Today's shade is one of my new favorites! It's called "Ruby Ribbon," and is from Revlon's Matte Suede collection.

With flash

 I really, really like matte nails for this season! The first time I saw matte polishes (about four months ago), I turned away and scoffed, thinking they looked incredibly tacky. I am eating my words. Now, I wish they were easier to find!! I think a matte nail has a very chic effect on an outfit.

These nail polishes were only available in a couple of shades where I live, but I'm sure there are plenty more just waiting to be worn! I also like the added touch of different packaging for matte shades. The usually-gold band across the top is silver on matte nail polishes, much like it is on the matte lipsticks (which I'm sure will make an appearance sooner or later... I can't resist for long...)

I think a shade like this is the perfect grown-up red for Christmas!!! It's for those girls (like me) who aren't totally comfortable wearing chunky red glitter polish during the holidays, and it's quite an impressive alternative!!

Are you into matte nails?


  1. i love that colour sooo much<33 xxx

  2. Love the color!