Monday, October 31, 2011

Frosted Over

...Are you still there?

I'm back! With more product reviews!! And less time to do them in!!! :) So I posted about the release of MAC's Glitter and Ice collection last week, and it has arrived!!! I have to say that I was not very impressed by the majority of the products (the eyeshadow palettes in the Ice Parade were really nothing special), but I did find a few gems in the collection, and I think you all will just LOVE this.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't end up getting the frosty pink paint pot ("Let's Skate!") as I had originally planned. "Let's Skate!" is very shimmery, verging on metallic, and the pale color of it just did not suit me at all! When I had my makeup done, however, the artist used "Morning Frost" (the shade I was least excited about) to prime my eyelids, and I fell in love. This shade is amazing for winter! I picture it being the perfect frosty nude for neutrals :) She also used the Sultry eyeshadow palette (which I loved, but couldn't justify picking up), and the effect was just amazing!

The second shade, "For Effect", is the prettiest gunmetal shade I have ever used!! This paint pot makes for the perfect smoky eye base :) It is fairly glittery and contains more microglitter than it does shimmer, so it does feel quite heavy on the eyelids, if you layer it enough. However, when you pack on some matte black eyeshadow on top of it, the effect is just awesome. I also think it will look great alone, with a darker gray in the crease. 

The packaging in this collection is, I think, quite sleek. I do know plenty of people who feel that the packaging just makes the products look cheap, and I have to say that when it comes to the bags MAC is using to package the brush, eye, and lip sets, I agree. They are made of a flimsy foil-like fabric in the front and clear plastic in the back. The paint pots, lipsticks, and Dazzleglasses, however, are a completely different story. I think these stand out quite nicely from the rest of MAC's collections, and I just love the new shades.

Am I the only one that's absolutely LOVING these?!? No.... I can't be....


  1. That morning frost colour is so friggen pretty!!


  2. Those are gorgeous! I didn't know there was a new collection out yet! Too bad I kind of put myself on a makeup-buying ban...

  3. So freaking close to buying these today, seeing this post just makes me regret leaving them in the shop D: I shall have to go back!

  4. I've just made my second Glitter and Ice order so I can get these paintpots! xx