Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette: Swatches and Review! :)

Hi, guys!!

Ok. Prepare yourselves. This post is about the palette I've been lusting after for weeks. I had convinced myself I didn't need it (I'm kind of still sure I don't) and I didn't want it, but I finally caved. This swatched so beautifully at ULTA that I couldn't resist, so I grabbed the last one and scurried out of there like I was carrying the Declaration of Independence.

This palette contains ten full sized eyeshadows (.05 oz) and retails for $46. To put that in perspective, that makes each eyeshadow around $4.60, which is pretty affordable considering these eyeshadows are very, very high in quality. There are some neutrals in here, as well as some high-shine metallics and a couple of really interesting bright colors.

Can we talk about how pretty this palette is?? Too Faced has really mastered the art of sucking innocent makeup addicts in with adorable packaging. The whole thing is just COVERED in this glittery, elastic cloth material and has an overlay of criss crossed matte black ribbons with the brand name and palette name on them (duh.)

Also, no funhouse mirrors in here. The mirror inside runs just short of the length of the palette, and the lid closes through a magnet on the two bottom corners of the palette.

I am obsessed with this palette. If you've researched this palette at all, You'll have noticed that Girly looks like it could be a dupe for MAC's Club or the duochrome shade in Wet 'N' Wild's Comfort Zone palette. More on that later!

The Shadows:

Dainty: As you can see (or not see), this is a matte, creamy light pink that barely shows up on my skin. This isn't due to lack of pigmentation, but rather the shade is so close to skintone, it gets lost. This would be a great subtle highlight for the browbone. It's creamy in texture, pigmented, and blendable.

Charming: This is a fantastic matte. It's a burgundy brown (heavy on the brown) that I can see being a go-to crease shade, or even a subtle liner option. It applied smoothly and evenly, and was easy to work with.

Girly: This is probably the most unique out of all the shades. At first sight, it looks very similar to shades like MAC's Club or Blue Brown pigment, or the duochrome shade in Wet 'N' Wild's Comfort Zone palette. It's actually different in that it has a green shift in it, whereas the other shades have a bluer shine to them. It's amazingly pigmented and buttery, just a dream.

Totally Fetch: Looks like it finally happened, Gretchen. This is a hot pink satin color with just a hint of purple to it, making it more of a fuchsia. It was smooth and pigmented.

Miss Sparkles: This is a very glittery black. It's actually a matte black base with mostly silver glitter in it. It reminds me of shades like MAC's Black Tied, except this is smoother and the glitter is more closely bound to the base shade. It was pigmented and buttery to the touch, which is a relief with glittery shades!

Left to right: Dainty, Charming, Girly, Totally Fetch, and Miss Sparkles

Second Row: (AKA Shimmer Row)

Ringleader: I can see this being a selling point for people, because it is the most neutral of all the shades in this palette. It's a light pink beige shimmer, and it is what every lid shade should be: smooth, pigmented, blendable. No complaints here!

Gangsta: Contrary to what the name may suggest, this is actually a well-behaved eyeshadow. It's a warm, golden brown with an amazing shimmery texture. This and Ringleader will make an amazing, no-hassle combination, and it will look amazing on deeper skintones.

Instigator: I would describe this as a true gold. It doesn't lean too orange or too yellow, it's got no olive tints to it. It's just a wonderful shimmery gold. This is probably the most pigmented shade in the palette.

Badass: Another appropriate name. This is a satin navy blue shade with silver glitter throughout. It applied evenly and smoothly, and I didn't see much fallout. This shade and Miss Sparkles can really glam up a look, which is why I'm so excited Too Faced included them! It's hard to find glitter shades that actually behave.

Jailbird: is a very pigmented true silver. It is buttery and pigmented, everything a metallic should be. I normally don't gravitate towards silvers, but this is so cool (in shade) that I think I can find room for it more than the other more gray silvers.

Left to right: Ringleader, Gangsta, Instigator, Badass, and Jailbird
 So, with a brown and green duochrome shadow, the question is: is it the same as MAC's Club? The answer is, thankfully, no. Below you'll see that both Wet 'N' Wild's and MAC's shades have a blue shift to them, while Girly has a green shift. This gives Girly a warmer, earthier look while Club and Wet N Wild look a little cooler and more modern.

Left to Right: Wet 'N' Wild Comfort Zone shade, Too Faced Girly, MAC Club

Left to right: Wet 'N' Wild Comfort Zone shade, Too Faced Girly, MAC Club
What do you guys think? This palette was a total hit with me, but how do you feel? Is it worth the splurge, or is it too redundant?

xoxo Fanii


  1. Pretty! Great review, but way to make me want this!

    1. Thanks, girl! :) Haha don't worry, I was pressured into this one too, but I love it!

  2. The second set of swatches are stunning! Intensely pigmented and vibrant! I would love to pick this palette up but the price is so steep :(

    Thanks for the review + swatches!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  3. It's always hard to pull the trigger on purchases like this one! What convinced me was the amount of eyeshadow you get for the price.

  4. When I first saw a review of the palettw and saw Girly I immediately thought of the Wet N Wild shade. Interesring to see comparisons!