Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shade Of The Day: MAC Pressed Pigment in Deeply Dashing

Hey guys!

I am incorrigible. ANOTHER shade of the day. When will I learn??? Never.

These pressed pigments were originally released with the Face and Body collection earlier this year (around the same time as Marilyn Monroe), and I successfully talked myself out of getting one. When they were re-released, however, I couldn't resist.

Deeply Dashing is a dark, warm red-brown that is jam-packed with glitter. Seriously. Even the slightest  swipe of this will load up your eyelids with sparkle. The glitter seems to be detached from the pigment itself, which can result in a lot of fallout. I've used this on myself and others, but I haven't personally experienced any fallout.

I think this looks absolutely stunning on anyone, and it's quickly becoming my go-to eyeshadow for days when I'm in a hurry. It's also great for a night out, given it's got the sparkles taken care of :)

What do you think about glitter eyeshadows?
xoxo Fanii

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