Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sephora Haul! NEW NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows!

Hey, all!

I recently stopped by Sephora and picked up a couple of new babies. I named them Phoebe and Callisto.

Legend says Phoebe eyeshadow was named after a furry beast with lovable eyes and huge ears... Oh, and maybe a beard!

I feel I owe it to you guys to let you know that the packaging of these is TINY. (get the irony? because the shadows are tiny... but the font is big... no? ok) But even though they're small, they pack just as much product as a MAC eyeshadow, even if the price is twice that ($29 for .05 oz).

Now, these CAN be used either dry or wet, and they look gorgeous either way. In terms of finish, they're somewhere between MAC's pressed pigments and the extra dimension eyeshadows. They're smooth and pigmented, but they also pack some sparkle.

 Ooh.... Aaahh....

Phoebe is a deep amethyst purple with some red shift to it, making it very warm-toned. I love using this as an all over color and lining with some black kohl. It makes for the easiest smoky eye :)

Callisto is a shadow that requires more partners, but it is so striking. It's a metallic silver with some purple in it, which makes it more bearable to me than a classic, stark silver. I would even go as far as to say that this leans towards a white gold color.

Now, these shadows can be used wet or dry, and they are pretty intense either way. I usually use them wet because I fell in love with the metallic finish of them, but when used dry they make for a lovely sheer wash of color. Here are the dry swatches.

You can see here that the shade that benefits the most from being applied damp is Phoebe, seeing as Callisto is pretty metallic on it's own.

Here's what I used to foil the shadows. My trusty MAC Fix+!

What do you think? Any of these shadows on your hit list?

xoxo Fanii


  1. Too expensive for me :/ I'd rather get an Urban Decay Eyeshadow or a palette for a little more money

    1. They are very pricy! I agree, there's better value out there

  2. they are very pretty and I am sure the quality is excellent but I would have to agree with Katy. It's too expensive for what they are. Maybe if they had a bit more special umph or they were to release them in a palette ( for a bit more bang for your buck) then I would consider it.
    Your pup is adorable by the way! So cute! <3

    1. OMG I would die for a palette of these eyeshadows! :)